Soy Based Ink - The Facts

*Fish Lips Paper Designs' products are ALL printed using soy-based inks, instead of conventional petrolium-based inks. The soy products are used in the ink for their oils, which act as the vehicle for the ink pigments.

*During the drying process, petrolium-based inks emit harmful VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) into our environment. VOC's not only damage our environment, but they can have terrible effects on our health!

*Soy-based inks have been found to emit 82% less VOC's than their petrolium-based counterparts.

*In addition, soy-based inks are easier to remove from paper than petroleum-based inks during the de-inking phase of recycling. This results in less paper damage and brighter recycled paper. The resultant waste is not considered hazardous and is easier and more cost effective to dispose of.

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